March 8, 2018

Ep. 22 Marina Zurkow & Una Chaudhuri: The Nature - Culture Intersection

Ep. 22 Marina Zurkow & Una Chaudhuri: The Nature - Culture Intersection

Intimate Connections to Wicked Problems

Marina Zurkow is a media artist focused on near-impossible nature and culture intersections, researching “wicked problems” like invasive species, superfund sites, and petroleum interdependence. She has used life science, bio materials, animation, dinners and software technologies to foster intimate connections between people and non-human agents. Her work spans gallery installations and unconventional public participatory projects. Currently, she is working on connecting toxic urban waterways to oceans, and researching the tensions between maritime ecology and the ocean’s primary human use as a capitalist Pangea.

Una Chaudhuri teaches English, Drama, and Environmental Studies at New York University.  Her recent books include Animal Acts: Performing Species Today, co-edited with Holly Hughes, and Ecocide: Research Theatre and Climate Change, co-authored with Shonni Enelow. She collaborates with Fritz Ertl in a long-term project called Research Theatre. Her current projects include a book tentatively entitled The Stage Lives of Animals, another on oceans and performance, and a Research Theater exploration of Alexander Von Humboldt.

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Una Chaudhuri & Marina Zurkow
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